Our Team

Spring Hill Paranormal Investigators

The Spring Hill Paranormal Investigators (S.H.P.I.) is a 4 member team and was founded in December 2013.  In October 2015, we became part of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association (PPA). In addition to conducting private investigations (locally and across the state and even out-of-state), we teach a course in paranormal investigating, conduct house cleansings and blessings, workshops and fundraisers. 

Our Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to RESPECTFULLY and PROFESSIONALLY search for and bring forth the undeniable truth about the afterlife by using natural and scientific methods.  

Our GOAL is to enlighten and educate those who look to us for answers.

Bill - Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Lisa -  Co-Founder, Investigator

Dee - Investigator

Cory - Investigator